Tuesday, September 17, 2013

7 Ways You Can Organize Your Clothes

You would be surprised by the amount of ways that you can organize your clothes. Before you are going to be sitting down for a few hours looking through this or think that I am going to give you a million types of ways. You can breath because I am only going to share five with you.


1. Category
This is a great way put clothes with their families. Having your jean family next their cousin shorts and distant cousin (on the short's side) skirts all together in one section give your eyes an easy view of what you desire to wear.

2. Color
Taking catergorying to the next level is sorting your clothing by color. This is especially great for those who have more than black, their one favorite color and white in their closets or drawers. If your rainbowlious, then have your closet or drawers line up to resemble a your rainbow fashion line.  

3. Occasion
Dividing your clothing into evening, day, casual or formal is another way to organize your clothes. This is especially great if you are the type who likes to go out a lot and have a lot of activities in your schedule. Let your closet represent that you got more to do than the average person.


4. Outfits
Do you like to put out your outfits together? Try assembling outfits within your closet. Instead of single garments on hangers. Put together pieces of clothing that go well together, that way when you go into your closet you can just grab a hanger and go.

5. Season
You can also organize your closet by season. Keeping only what you will wear during the season out and the rest neatly packed away will give your closet more space. This is especially great if you are living in an apartment or that you have a small closet. Everything you will need for winter or summer will be in view.

6. Technology
Most of us have smart phones, right? And they have just about an app for everything. I don't even have to list the many apps our smart phone has because we already seen our app store. So you shouldn't be surprised that there is an app on our phones that will help us to organize our clothing. Check out Stylebook and Stylish Girl in your app store.


                                                                              7. Usage
Lastly you can organize your closet by what you use the most to least. This can help you also to see what clothing you wear often and which ones you need to dust the cobwebs and dust off. It will help give the less used clothing another chance out on the sidewalk, leaving people to ask you "is that new?".

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4. www.stylebubble.co.uk    5. frugalinfortworth.com   6. pinterest.com  7.www.simpleorganizedspaces.com

I hope this has helped you get inspiration on how you want your clothes to be organized in your closet. Please visit around my blog and leave comments I would love to hear from you.  Enjoy!


  1. I'm trying to organize my closet right now. Great ideas!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope this helps as you tackle your closet. Happy organizing! :)


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