Baby Drawer Lables

Drawer labels! I love labeling things and drawer labels. It is a good way for kids to have their independence and a great way to give mom a little break. No more “Mom! Where is my favorite shirt” or “Which drawer did you put my shirt“. Well, I honestly can’t guarantee that from no happening but a mom can dream, right? I used to label my drawers and decided to do the same for my siblings. What I am going to show is what I did for my son’s drawers. He can’t read or know what the drawers mean yet but it will help all the guest or adults (Dads included) to find any necessary clothing or blankets when your hands are a little full.

 How to Make This:

 First, I found images of baby clothing on Google to create my labels. After you have selected yours, print it out and cut each image out.
Choose a scrapbook paper design. I choose one that goes with the colors of the bedroom.



Glue or tape the images onto the scrapbook paper design.
Cut out the drawer labels in any shape you prefer. I chose a rectangle for myself.


Next, you can choose to laminate your drawer labels or simply hot glue gun them onto your drawers. I prefer to hot glue them on because it sticks on very well and you can easily remove them later. If you don’t have a laminator there are self-laminating sheets at Dollarama for $2.00


baby drawer organizer

The funny thing is that now looking at it, it looks a lot like a face. I wasn’t planning to have my son’s drawers look like a face but it makes it look very cute. Adds some character to the drawers. On a side note, also, if you have some extra supplies try using the self-laminating sheets for conserving your adorable baby ultrasound photos. It found that it works wonderfully!

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