Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To School! Personality Pencil Case

It is that time of the year! When some mothers cry and some mothers cheer. Back to school! I have always been excited to go shopping for new supplies and outfits. But since that time has ended for me, I am even more excited to help pick out things for my younger siblings. 

I was in Dollarama (My favourite store) and filling the cart filled with school supplies for three kids as well as picking up items for my next project. When we got home I decided to get a head start on packing helping my mom pack my sibling's school bags. I was looking at the pencil cases and thought everyone would have this pencil case somewhere in their school. This is not different, it doesn't express anything creative, it's just a plain, average pencil case. So I thought, how can I make these stand out for my siblings. And then it came to me why not make it different and unique. Check out what I made.

diy pencil case

Now I will show you how I made it. First you will need a self-adhesive roll ( it's like a big sticker). Have your kids choose which design they like. These ones are $2.00 each at Dollarama.

You will need a pair of scissors, a pencil care and the design your child has chosen. 

Turn over the design paper so that your design is facing the down. Use the pencil case as your measuring guide and cut a large square around your pencil case. 

Then cut to where it is in line with the corner of your pencil case. Repeat for each corner.
(Sorry it looks like my camera's wrist band wanted to be in the spotlight.)

Now that this step is completed. You can now add the design to your pencil case. Simply peel a little bit of the backing.

Line the sticky side of the design to your pencil case and do so with each side. Make sure you cut off the extra ends before moving on to the next side. I chose to peel off on one side and slowly peel until it reached the other side. But you can choose whichever way that you're comfortable with. Make sure you smooth your sides so that there are no air bubbles.

There you have it.



These pencil cases are a great way to get your kids involved in designing their pencil cases and a great way to spend time together. It can be an awesome back to school gift as well.  I hope you enjoyed my first post. I look forward to sharing more with you.

Share your versions of this design. I would love to see what you made.

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