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Easy Daysies

Easy Daysies easy kid schedule rocks! Let me first say that I absolutely love this product. I first saw this project on Dragon’s Den (Which is like Shark Tank but for Canadians) and had to buy it. My siblings actually like it! I mean really like it. My siblings love sliding the magnet over when they have finished a task.

I like to use mine for the mornings more than evenings. If you have kids going to school you know how busy the mornings can get. This helps me out with those mad dash types of mornings. It keeps the kids know what they need to get done in the mornings with the added bonus of less stress for me shouting out everything they need to do. They can see it, they slide it and it gets done. No questions asked. All I really have to do is slide the magnets back to the starting point.

Features of the Easy Daysies, Easy Kid Schedule

The board has two sides. Perfect if you buy more than one or had a girl or boy.
A pouch is included as well as magnets with tasks.


When your child finishes what they have to do, they simply slide it over to the done section.


Where I bought it?

I bought mine online at Amazon but you can also buy it on their website. Everyone loves a little more freedom, a little more independence and a lot more hands to get things done. Why not get your little ones to give a helping hand. If you are interested in creating your very own kids schedule and making it completely personalized to your family, check out the kids schedule I have created. I even have a summer version. Enjoy!

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