Monday, September 16, 2013

Homework Savers

It's Monday. That day we all normally drag ourselves out of bed thinking "Whyyyyyy" but fear not I am here for you.  Are you expecting this or has this already happen to you this year? "I have homework somewhere in my backpack" and after a handful of digging and when almost everything is pulled out, the homework it looks as if someone crunched it up in a snowball. Yeah, those are the days but since then there have been very clever ways of getting homework or documents to sign to you, almost wrinkle free.

I actually decided to use a folder throughout my school year (I have a tendency to make myself sound older than I really am lol) My sibling's teacher actually clips their agenda so that whatever needs to go home can easily stay in their agenda.


Since their teacher does that idea. I decided to use the homework folders more targeted for my mom. Yes mom's have their homework as well. I mean who else has to make sure homework is completed properly and field trip forms are signed? I let the kiddies choose which folder they wanted.

Then wrote To Teacher on the left side and To Parent on the right side.

It's a great way to also communicate with the teachers. With the individual folders you will know which one belongs to which child. Assuming you don't have 19 kids and counting that is. If you want the folders to be more accessible than buy a clipboard. I got my mom a clipboard and pen so that she can sign anything or read over anything anywhere in the home.  


Being a mom is busy enough as it is, just adding a little ease to the day will make any mom happy. Hope these help make your day a little easier. Enjoy!

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