Kid Closet Hanger Divider

Have you shared a closet with your siblings before? Then you know that the clothing can easily get mixed up. Kid closet hanger divider is the perfect solution for children who share a closet with siblings. It also saves you from wondering who this shirt belongs too and keeps everyone things in their places. My siblings share a closet and so they know what I am talking about.

I first saw this on iHeart Organizing at  and wanted to make it my own by taking it a step further by combining images.

Here is my take on Kid Closet Hanger Dividers:

diy closet dividers

Here is how I made it. Take a piece of cardboard (cereal boxes work too) and use anything that is a circle shape. I used a CD for my shape because it was the right size for my siblings closet. Make sure you find the right size for you.

Next I printed out a CD template in Microsoft Word to get the inside circle to get the correct inside shape.


After tracing the inner circle onto the cardboard, I cut each circle on the cardboard and the inner circle as well. So it would end up looking like this.

Now that the circles were done. I took a Self Adhesive roll that I bought at Dollarama for $2.00 and chose a design I liked for the kids. It’s good to use the cut-out circle as a guide.


Fold the Self Adhesive roll over to cover it and cut to make a rectangle.


Next peel the backing off and place the circle cut out onto the sticky side. Repeat to the other side of the circle cut out as well.


Smooth down the air bubbles. Now cut the circle then cut the inside circle. It should now look like this.

Cut an opening in your circle cut out on the bottom right side. This opening will help you get this divider onto the closet rod. I used the extra pieces of the Self Adhesive roll and folded it over where I have cut around the outer and the inner circle then cut any pieces that were sticking out.

Lastly, I printed off images from Microsoft Word’s clip art section that went with what was in my sibling’s closet.


Then cut around each image and pasted it or tape it to the top of the divider.
That’s how I made it. Add different designs and your kids will know which section of clothes in the closet is theirs. Show me your versions I would love to see them.

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  1. The truth is that it is very good idea for winter clothes, since we have much choice in clothing. In addition, if at least the market offer us a suitable Hangers direct … but that does not happen

    1. Thank you Maru for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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