Report Card Organizer

Report card organizer. Are you the type who saves all of your child’s report cards? Well, my son currently is way to young to go to school at the moment but I have a report card organizer. Huh? Why would I have a report card organizer then? I actually have been saving my report cards from since middle school so what I am showing you this is not new to me at all. This is just an easier way to keep your child’s report cards in one place from kindergarten to high school or to college or anniversary. It acts like a school journey throughout the years. A cool keepsake. I still have mine.


Here is what you need to do:

Choose a 3 pin folder that allows you to add pages to them. 

Try and get ones that match your office style or your child’s style. Have your child choose out one that represents he/she at the time. If that is Spongebob or Barbie then allow them that freedom. You can always change it later when they are grown and don’t care too much about the cover of the folder. When I was in middle school I choose this lion in space folder. I won’t lie, I don’t remember why I choose it other than the fact that the cover looks pretty cool and stands out.


Add clear page protectors to the folder.

The clear folder will protect your report cards from getting ruined by water or anything else that is getting thrown its way. We have all been affected by the annoying damage of a coffee stain once or twice. This helps protect it from even that. It also helps it getting any wear and tear as well.

Slide your child’s report card into the clear page protector.

If your report cards have more than one page then be sure to take off the staples. Leaving it on can cause a tear in the protective sheet. What is also great about the clear protection sheets is that you can see all the pages clearly which it great when you have double page sheets. It saves you the trouble of having to keep adding another sheet. If you don’t have double sheets then you can simply make one by placing the sheets back to back.

report card organizer

See I told you that this would be simple. Simple organizing for a busy parent. It is an easy way to keep all your child’s report cards in one spot and it is also good if you have more than one child. It keeps everything organized and in its place. Now all you have to do is place each report card, each year. A piece of cake. While you here why not check out a great way to organize your instruction manuals… yeah I know I organize it too! Check it out and Enjoy!

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