Wedding Dress Neckline & Strap Styles

There is many wedding dress neckline & straps to consider when you are finding your dream dress. Okay so as much as there are wedding dress silhouettes there are also many necklines and strap styles to choose from. It is just as important to choose a style that caters to your body but more to your girls up top since that is there space. It’s up to you which areas you want to show or hide. I provided some examples below to help you with your wedding dress decisions.



This is when your strap is only on one shoulder leaving the other shoulder bare.
By Intuzuri


Has a smaller scoop located more in the collarbone area like where necklaces would rest.
By Maggie Sottero

Halter Top

The straps does not rest on the shoulders, it works its way up and around your neck. Perfect for those who want straps but also was their shoulders to be bare


By Maggie Sottero

High Neck

Think queen style. The neckline works its way like branches on to your neck leaving your shoulders bare. It’s like a halter top added multiple family members move in.
By Pnina
Tornai For Kleinfeld


For all my bling bling ladies. This style is not only sparkly but the straps wrap around your neck similarly to a halter top and high neck style.


By Pnina
Tornai For Kleinfeld



It’s for you if you like the U-shape style. You have the option of  how you prefer your scoop to be, low or high.


By Carolina


There are no straps so the dress fits across and below your shoulders.
Mori Lee
By Madeline Gardner



The most common style you see is the sweetheart. It sits across and below your shoulders like the strapless but follows the outline of your bust.


by Madeline Gardner



It is a exactly like it sounds…the straps and neckline create a shape of a square.


By Nicole

Off- the-Shoulder

I like to think of this dress like the type you would see a princess enter a ball with. The straps just a tad off the side of her shoulders.
By Rosa


V- Neck

Instead of a scoop, the neckline and straps come together to make the shape of a V. Great if you want to show off your neck.
By Monique

No matter which neckline or strap you choose for yourself, make sure it complements your body and most importantly makes you look and feel like the most beautiful woman. I hope this helps you. Enjoy!

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