Where To Find Affordable Wedding Gowns

Who needs affordable wedding gowns? As much as many may say, spending a ton of money on a wedding dress for the best day of your life doesn’t mean much. Just because you pay a ton doesn’t make it made out of gold (unless you happen to be buying a dress that is made of gold.). There is a large percent of the world who does not have money to throw on one dress for this day. Maybe you think it’s ridiculous to spend so much on a wedding dress, maybe you want to put money towards other things or simply don’t have the money.

Lower priced things doesn’t mean it is poor quality. If you are looking for big name brands for a lower price tag. I am here to point you in the right direction with a list of great beautiful dresses that won’t break your bank. With the added bonus of people not even knowing the difference if your dress is $2000 or $200. Some call it cheap wedding gowns but I call it affordable gowns.

Here are my top five places to get affordable (Cheaper) wedding gowns.

1. Vows Bride Power
$199.00 – $2,000 & up

Have tons of designer sample and overstocked wedding dresses at amazing discounts, between 50-80% off retail prices. You can search through dresses online. The best thing about Vows is that can tell the  your dream dress and they will keep an eye out for it when they go to buy more dresses. You can purchase online or take a plane to the states to try it on at their store. This store seriously needs to come to Canada.

2. JJ’s House

$105.00 – $650.00
Beautiful dresses for under $200 sounds like a dream but is normal in JJ’s House. I like that you can  go through every dress on the website. You can customize your search on what type of gown you are looking for. This is an online store so make sure you know your dress size when you buy. JJ’s House ships in 200 countries worldwide.

3. CA Dresses
$77.00 – $600.00
The dresses here are also very beautiful and does not look cheap at all. This is an online store only so you cannot try on the dress in a store. They also deliver to 200 countries worldwide. It takes around 15-20 business days to do the tailoring and embellishments for your dress before delivering but you have an option to speed up the process for a price. If you want to design your dream wedding dress, they accept sketches by email and they will come up with the price to put your put your dress together.

4. David’s Bridal

Although you cannot see every dress on their website or every price that goes with it. They do offer great prices and variety of sizes. Also has a catalog of Vera Wang’s White collection if you want to see a little bit of what types they have. A sample of the catalog is in the pictures below. Other than that, you need to make an appointment with a store to see more.

5. Balletts Bridal & Formalwear
Any Budget
There is a store location on Orfus Road and if you know Orfus Road like I know, then you know they have great prices so I would believe this store should as well. However if you are looking to buy online then this place is not right for you. Their website does show wedding dresses but does not show the prices for them. They also recommend appointments but allows walk ins as well.

There you have it. No need to stress, go ahead and buy your perfect dress. Let me know of any more places you have heard of or even bought from that have fantastic savings. Also let me know your experiences with them. What are you waiting for. Your wedding dress awaits. Happy savings!

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