Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Affordable Wedding Invitations... Where?

Last month flew by fast but things between us will not change. Invitations, we all know are the introduction to what your wedding is going to be like. A first meeting before the big day. Kind of like a first day... don't you agree? Well I have taken the time to search out some great companies that will give you all you need in a wedding invitation without spending a bucket full of cash. Have I drawn you in yet? I hope so, here are my top four companies I love that have some pretty awesome invitations for an even more awesome price.

1. Purple Trail
I love everything about this company. Especially their option to order prints, print at home or email prints.

2. Invitations by Dawn
I like the prices on this one. They offer 3 in 1 packages as well... great if you are on a budget. And have great shipping options.

3. Vistaprint
I know you must have hear about this company. I love the deals on this site. They offer deals like 10 wedding invitations for $10.00. Very Very Budget friendly!

4. Party POP
It's FREE but they a maximum of 100 invitations per event. Any more invitations then you have to contact them. They have 10 designs to choose from. USA only.

*All images are from their website. These are not mine.*

I hope this help my budget friendly brides out there. I can image how stressful it is to have to get all these things done. Think of my as your free helping hand... a invitation fairy. Take a minute to subscribe. Have a wonderful creative day!

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