Monday, October 21, 2013

Art Attack Solutions

We love our kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren's art but with all the years of school and the visits. The art can pile up so much that it feels like you are being attacked by art. You don't want to throw all of them away because you will feel bad, even though you have slipped a few in the recycling bin, so you wonder, what can I do with them? I have a few suggestions for you to reuse your family's artwork to give them a facelift and another purpose.

Art Bins
Clear storage bins are great to hold those little one's masterpieces. It keeps it out of the way and if you have an area where you can store it then that is perfect. I suggest you get two bins. The first bin is for the ones your would never dare get rid of and the second bin is for the art that you have no idea what
to do with them.

Art Board
Have a designated spot to display the latest artwork your young one has done for you. It will bring great joy to your little ones and free art to put up in their room or in your home in general. It doesn't have to look like a piece of art with just a pin. You can create a frame for it, like the bulletin board, decorate the bulletin board and match it with your home décor.

Art Books
My teacher would get the class these large scraps and draw books for each of us to put our art in throughout the year. When school is done, we bring these books home with us. It keeps the special art all together in one spot, you do not have to worry about having art from the year spread across the home. The organizing was pretty much done for my mom. I am not sure if teachers are doing this nowadays but if they are not, you can purchase large scrap and drawing books at the craft stores and glue in your favourite kid's art in them. Then all you have to do is tuck this book into your bookshelf.

Now you need to know what to do with the second bin I told you about with the other pieces art that you don't know what to do with or you may have no clue who have made it...that happens sometimes when there is no name on it. So what can you do with it then?

Book Marks
You can cut them down to the size of bookmarks and make them into bookmarks, either as a gift for family, friends or for your kids to use for their story books at home. Cut two pieces of art to the same size and have them back to back, now it has art on book sides of the bookmark. Laminate it and it is ready to use.

I saw this idea on the TV show CityLine once. Buy a set of blank cards at any craft store and dollar store, cut the art according to size for the cover and you have yourself a personal card for any occasion. Your friends, family or the kid's teacher will love the personal touch and you will love seeing your child's art being reused for another purpose.

Place Mats
My teacher once had us make are for our parents and then when we finished she would laminate them so we would give them to our parents for a place mat. I thought it was so cool. If your thinking that you will never use your kid's placemats because it doesn't go with your décor then it is perfect for when your kid's have play dates or great for when they are doing arts and crafts such as painting.

These all very help solutions for keeping your kid's art from overpowering your home. Now it is your turn to try it at home. Share your versions with me. I would love to see what you have done with these ideas. Leave a comment, share with your friends, subscribe for more and like what you see. I would love to hear and show you more ideas for organizing.

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