Budget Break Down

It’s Wedding Wednesday!

Are you wondering how much of your budget should go to what in for your wedding? I thought I would break down your wedding budget for you so that you know where your money should be going, what percent of your budget should go to what you need the most. It is easier to see it then to have it written down on a napkin or calculating in your head. You have enough to think about, don’t let this be another one running through your mind.

I made a pie chart to show you roughly about where your money should be going to.
wedding budget

Of course this not set in stone. Everyone’s weddings and budgets are different so make sure when you look at the example above, that you eliminate what you don’t need for your wedding. Now I know that some one you may have family who pays for some parts of your wedding. If your more of a traditional budget bride then you may want a break down of which side of the family that has the responsibility to pay your wedding expenses.

 Now a days it is more common that the couples either pay for their wedding themselves or they set up a meeting with their families and have their family offer their services. Which ever way you decided make sure everyone knows that they are paying for, that they know what you want and if you can, go with your family or have they just send you the money. It will be less stress on you if you have a hand your hand a little bit on their responsibility, it is your wedding after all.

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