Monday, October 7, 2013

Keeping Your Financial Organized

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was busy like usual... filled with late nights of not partying but up with my crying son because those teeth are coming in. I can't complain though because it makes his smile shine brightly. I will catch up on my sleep when he is about 20 years old, if all things work out great lol. Let's get back on schedule. We all do taxes right? I sure hope so... because this will help you. I got this financial organizing book  last month and I love how it is organized. Can you guess where I bought this helper? If you guessed Dollarama, than your right....sorry I don't have any prizes but this post will have to be your prize.

This home finances organizer book was $2.50 and the brand is Mead.
financial organizing dollarama

It has a calender from 2011- 2013 for a three year reference.

Five pages of lines pages for any notes you may want to write down.

I loved how they designed this. They have monthly sections with pouches. Also the pouches have an area for dates, descriptions of your expense type, amount, if it has been paid or not and comments which is perfect to keep record of what you have paid. They recommend you  place paid things in the pouch and then record.

In the back they also provided zip pouch to put unpaid bills and such in. This comes in handy when you have your bills coming in. Now you can slip this in to make sure you know what you haven't paid yet. 

Since I have bought this, things have become a lot more easier with all the bills and others I have paid. Perfect for tax season... you will be ready to walk in with everything you need. Great for all those moms and parents who are busy and always on the go.

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