Kiddie Activities and Ideas For Wedding Reception

There is nothing wrong with inviting kids to your wedding. Some may disagree, maybe I just don’t mind it because I am always surrounded by kids but honestly how could you invite the parents without their kids? Yes, you are afraid that they may ruin your special day that that will only happen if you let them ruin your day. Stop imagining your wedding cake being attacked by little fingers or them playing in your centerpieces or think “oh no what about the String Musicians you hired“. The way to make kids and their parents happy is to keep those little ones entertained… very entertained. And that doesn’t even have to cost you a lot of money either. Here are some creative ways or ideas to keep those cute faces from turning into complete disasters. Kids happy, Parents happy and most importantly the Bride and Groom are happy.

Assigned Babysitter

Nothing is nicer than to have someone watching your kids while you are still there keeping a watchful eye but having fun on the dance floor as well. Having a babysitter or assigned a person to keep the kids entertained is very helpful. It will keep the kids away from the adults and keep the peace. If you do not want them at all near your wedding than assigning someone at a guest home to have all the kids stay at, that is another option. Just don’t expect this babysitter to be watching five babies and six kids all by themselves.

Separate Room
If you have the cash to provide a separate room in the venue for the kids then by all means go for it.This way if you are worried about kid decorations colliding with your beautiful thought out overall wedding design then that it perfect for you. This way is also great because if you need the parents for any reason they are not too far and they can take matters into their own hands if something such a falling down happens or tantrums.

Kid’s Table
I personally think this is more for the bigger kids because that way they are with their friends but also old enough to know what they are not supposed to do. I don’t like this idea for younger kids because most parents prefer to have their young ones near them especially for dinner time so that they can keep an eye on them. However if you have someone assigned to watch the kids during that time and the parents feel comfortable with that then it is fine. Remember though kids are and will be a lot quieter if they have mommy or daddy next to them.

Colouring Books
Now you don’t have to have just colouring books from the dollar store you can get creative and have it go with the wedding day. Even create your own colouring book about your wedding or about weddings in general. Add puzzles, crosswords, word searches, blank pages for them to drawn, connect the dots, eye spy games and much more. If you have the kids in the same space as you, you can allow the kids to pair up with adults and have all your guest involved in a game.

Are you thinking I am crazy right now right? A movie playing during my wedding! Before you go off on me this idea is great for those who have a separate place for the kids. Don’t go thinking you have to spend big money on a big screen TV or anything. Kids don’t care about that. You can get a white sheet, projector screen or use a white wall to display the movie from your laptop and projector. Provide DVD choice for the kids and have kids vote on the movie they would like the watch first. Along with snacks like popcorn and comfy pillows to sit or lay down on will keep their kids happy and well entertained for hours.

Nap Area
This is the best idea ever! Provide long seating or big comfy pillows for when those kids knockout from trying to stay up with the adults. Don’t let your guest have to give up their seats to put two chairs together or have their good dress children sleep on top of your coat in the corner of the room so that their children can sleep. I am sure you want your guest who has young children to get to spend the whole party time with you. I mean when do parents get a chance to hang out like this? The parents will not only love you but adore you for providing this. You will be the best ever!

Kids Area
Having an area for kids in the same space as you is a great idea. That way they will stay in their area because everything they like is there. Have toys they girls will like such as Barbies or Lego or Play Dough for the boys. Match them with the colours of your wedding. Add the colouring books and the two other things I mentioned above will add more than one entertainment in case the kids prefer to do other things with their time. It doesn’t even have to be an eyesore either, tie it in with your theme, if your theme is the outdoor have the kids area in a tent.

Magicians, puppets, face painting, clowns or a small play are all little entertaining activities the little ones will enjoy.  Now don’t go over the moon for entertainment for the kids. It is still your wedding day. There is a fine line of entertainment for kids in an elegant way to a completely cheesy way. Games are also something the kids will enjoy doing with their time at the wedding. Now, you may be thinking How about video games? Game devices such as Wii or X-Box could be entertainment for the kids, however, it could also be a huge distraction for all those adult gamers. Make sure you are not upstaged by the games on the game devices.

If you’re embracing the kids on your big day, you can have the DJ play some songs for the kids. This is a great idea if you know that no one is going to dance for the first few songs. And also cute especially if you have a younger one yourself… it will make your young one feel like you haven’t completely forgotten about him or her. Also, it will make a great addition to your photos album.

There you have it. Great ideas to keep those little ones happy and entertained on your big day. Happy wedding planning! If you need me I will be right here to help you along all the way down the aisle.

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