Monday, October 28, 2013

One Note, One Excellent Helper

When I got my laptop I stumbled across the program from MicroSoft called OneNote 2010. I absolutely love this program. If you have it and haven't used it. You should! I use it for pretty much everything. It organised all that I need. I use it to organize all my blogging organizing, all my financial, writing, ideas, note and schedules. Since I am always on the computer, there is a great way to get things done without using paper. This program is not connected to the internet either so you don't have to worry about not having internet with it. You can use it without internet. Let me show you around.

You have your main tool bar with File, Home, Insert, Share, Draw, Review and View. These will be your centre for inserting picture to changing fonts or adding tables. (I'm not talking about physical tables.)
one note

For example, this is what is in the Insert tool bar.

There is a section where you can add tabs for different categories.

Within your sections, you can add separate pages. For example in your Family Schedule section, you can have additional pages where you have a page for you, your kids and one for your husband.

On the left side you can take it a step further and have a folder (or notebook) with it's own categories, for example if you have a business and you want it separate from your person sections.

There is also a search box in case you are looking for something fast.

If you have something you want to keep private such as financial folders you can have it password protected. If you are looking for  a great organizer for you or for your family check out your MicroSoft's OneNote. It won't disappoint. Share, Comment, Like my new Facebook page, Follow me on Twitter for more organizing ideas for life and home. Have a wonderful creative day!
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