Organizing Bookshelves

organizing bookshelves

I decided to organize the living room bookshelf because I was tired with what it looked like before. So I did all the things you have done a billion times before, especially if you have kids then you know that your bookshelf may not always be the most organized. I pull everything out one shelf at a time, got rid of all the school news letters from last year, drawing with no names, flyers and mail that is addressed to the wrong person. Then you look at everything and say what is the point, it is just going to get messy all over again. Stay positive, here are my tricks to keep my book shelf in shape.

Small Storage

This small storage is not only good for CDs but for other things such as extra art supplies for home, just about anything you don’t know what to do with can do in these storages.

Paper Storage
It is good to have a section for papers, you can use is to put school newsletters, mail, computer paper, extra blank paper or any documents in general.

Magazine Holders
If you get magazines on the regular or have a few tall documents or folders.. this is a organized way of getting your business hidden.

Small baskets and Pencil Holders
I used my small baskets for office stuff like erasers or glue for the kids where it is out for them to take whenever they need it and hopefully place it back where they found it. And pencil holders for well pencils and pens.

This is what I have done to my family’s bookshelf so far.

Now when you are thinking about buying a bookshelf consider getting these things along with it or of course if you are going with the more classic look of a bookshelf and having only books then do something dramatic to the wall of the shelf to match it with the design of your home décor. Your bookshelf doesn’t have to be average if you don’t want it to be. So keep an eye out for the finishing product of my bookshelf.

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