Monday, October 14, 2013

The Story About Storing Stories

I can officially say that I love Monday (only today) because I have a few minutes to put my feet before my extra day of my long weekend will turn from relaxing to busy. I hope those out there who have a long weekend like me are able to put up their feet up right now. Okay so do you have a young writer in your family?  Some teachers have the kids write stories or poems for class and throughout the years they start to pile up. You want to keep it these masterpieces but where and how? I am going to show you what I have done with all my stories that I have written throughout the years. Simple system I thought of doing to keep my written masterpieces in great shape and of course, well organised. What can I say I liked to organise pretty much anything.

Choose or Buy a binder

Make sure it is a 3 ring binder.
story organizing

Buy clear covers and labels.

Insert the clear covers into the binder.

 Write on the year, city, grade, teacher and school this story or poems was written onto the label. You can also add what this story or poem was for, for example, if it was for an assignment or done on spare time.

Finally slide the story or poems into the clear cover.

Now all you have to do is put your binder onto your bookshelf.

Your young writer not only has a binder full of stories but it is organised just for him or her. No need to worry about it getting damaged. Its a great way to treasure all the hard work your young one has done. Enjoy your last day of freedom before work or enjoy your day if you are currently at work. Either way I will always say have a creative day!

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