Monday, November 25, 2013

APP-solutely Note-Tastic

Color Note

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with light, small white flakes of snow falling down. Yup snow is starting to arrive and I been so focused on my upcoming vacation I forgot about the weather. I can personally admit that I am sort of ready for the snow except I do not have everything I need for my son yet. Babies grow fast you know. You think one minute they will fit into something and in a blink (not literally, of course) it doesn't fit any more. So I now have to add a winter coat, snow suit and possibly some tiny winter boots to my list of things to get.

Before I forget I should put that into my phone with this app I absolutely or should I say "APP-solutely" love. If you don't have it yet on your cellphone you should consider getting ColorNote from your app store or Google Play Store.

I use mine for lists to ideas for plays to things that I need to remember.

 You can choose from Text or Checklist.

 Menu has all you need.

From Calendar

To Archive

To where all the deleted notes get thrown. 

There is more that your able to do like place the sticky notes onto your phone screen, search section and backing up your note to your phone's sim. If your thinking about getting a app that can organize your crazy busy mom or parent life then don't look any further. Your gonna love this app. Have a creative day!

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