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It’s Wedding Wednesday!

 I swear that time flew by this week. Yesterday I was smartly pursued into getting a flu shot for myself by my doctor saying that it will benefit my son as well. She is smart because I was about to tell her “no way” and run out as fast as I could. If that did not inform you, I am saying that I can’t stand needles for the life of me. So you can image my face when I had to do all those blood test when I was pregnant. I can say though that I am slightly okay with flu shots, however don’t  expect me to put up my hand to volunteer.

Anyways on with today. I love Wednesdays because I get to talk about weddings.Today I am still talking about entertainment for your wedding guest but more targeted for your ceremony. Now I understand that the ceremonies are normally the classic, important part but your don’t have to have just the a CD playing music. If you have the money and want to add something else to your ceremony then by all means go for it. I took the liberty to do some research for you.

Bag Pipers
If your have a little Scottish or Irish in your jeans or well have pretty much in your wedding then its only fair or highly suggested by family to have pipers to your wedding. 
picture from en.wikipedia.org
I have seen wedding where there are bells playing more after when the kiss has sealed them together and they are walking back down the aisle as a couple. This is a smaller version of having great big bells and if you know about big bells then you know that you cannot bring them to any ceremony locations.

picture from hardnewscafe.usu.edu

Sing it load and sing it proud. Well in this cause you may not want the clapping and loud singing too loudly. You may prefer the soft singing of a choir to “here comes the bring” or even just no words at all.

picture from www.warble-entertainment.com

Who doesn’t like the warm sounds of fingertips strumming the strings of a guitar. I know I do. Don’t go thinking that it is only for one type of wedding. It doesn’t have to be just for country theme weddings…not all guitarist wear cowboy boots and hats they doe wear suits sometimes.

picture from imagesci.com

If you are going for a more, classy type you may want the the sounds of the harp. I haven’t seen it in a wedding lately but that doesn’t mean that it is out of style or anything.

picture from www.heavenlyharps.com

Steel Pan
This is great if you are going for a more island rhythm style. It is unique and stands out from the crowd. Just hearing it makes you image you that your sipping drinks by the sandy beach.

picture from blume-center.trincoll.edu

String Quartets
String away, the beautiful view of three string instruments coming together and creating music. Black tied event? Long flowy dresses, and black dinner jackets? I say so.

picture from evdokimoff.net

I personally love when someone plays the piano, it just gives off such a beautiful sound. It would also a great addition to your ceremony space if maybe a while piano was featured some where and pianist playing your song as you walk down the aisle.

picture from www.interhomeopathy.org

It is nice to have something either meaningful, traditional or overall unique to bring you and the love of your life together in not only with your love but with music as well. You know what would be music to my ears right now? If you would Subscribe, follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page. I will do the same for you if you as well. 

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