Friday, November 22, 2013

Go Shopping

I am glad that it is Friday that's for sure. Since now my short cut to where I normally would take my siblings to school is locked, I now have to make an longer trip all the way around the buildings and down two streets to get my siblings to school. It doesn't seem like anyone wants us to cut through their buildings any more. I say cut us some slack or at least shovel the side walks when winter comes for moms like me who have a stroller. However at my store you do not have to worry about snow or people being in your way.

First one I would like to show you is a save the date card. The last two items I made for the Snowflake Diamond collection, a invitation and a travel accessory bag. I have a lot more to show you. Check out my store,you can click on the tab above or your can click here ---->

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