Leaping For Joy

leap pad

It’s Thursday and I am so ready to kick up my feet and watch some Scandal tonight. However I got a few hours of crying, napping, feeding and playing with my son before sleeping time finally arrives. I bought this Leap Pad Explorer  from Walmart online for $87.00. I got it for my little sister to help her with her spelling and writing.

Front of tablet. It is not to small and not to big. I think just right size for little ones.
Speaker, Control and Home Button
Power on/off button
Volume Buttons
Spot to plug in cord to computer & extra leap frog attachments
Tablet pen has own magnetic section. Easy to take out and put back. 

Tablet  pen
Back of tablet
Takes four AA Batteries
Smile for this Camera 

I highly recommended that you get rechargeable batteries because the battery life seems to get low quickly or maybe my sister is on it for a long time. Which ever the case is, buy buy buy rechargeable batteries. It will save you from the trouble of having to get pack after pack of  batteries. This way also helps our planet as well so that is for sure a bonus! My sister loves this Leap From Pad and asks me to play on it all the time. Sadly you have to pay for additional apps but you did get one free one when you first get the tablet.

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  1. My little boy has one of these and they are pretty great. I haven't seen Scandal, but have thought about catching up with it one of these days on Netflix. Congrats on being a new mom!

    1. Thank you 😀 You will love Scandal, it has twists and turns that have you addicted to watch the next episode.

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