My Everyday, On The Go Diaper bag

When I saw this diaper bag I said “I have to have this bag” and well not to long after I said that to everyone in my family I bought this Summer Infant City Tote from Walmart for $26.88 and it arrived soon after right to my door. Honestly I find it interesting that I happen to fall for the bag with the word “city” in the title but I do enjoy it when I am off shopping or at a doctors appointment.

It has adjustable shoulder strap and handles.
A side pocket, great for putting cash or bank cards for quick access.
Two bottle sections.
summer infant city tote baby bag
 It also came with a change pad which was nice.
The zipper goes from one side to the next.
Inside it is a light green. Nice and roomy. Great for bringing extra everything.

One side as space to put the change pad as well as a few diapers if you wanted.

It has three separate sections for you to put things your need for your little one. I used mine to put nursing pads, disposable diaper bags and socks.

The last spot is a big zippered pocket where you can put anything from bibs to extra clothing.

Like I said before, I love this bag. If you were considering to big this bag from Walmart then I hope that I helped you. I don’t recommend this bag if you are going away for a weekend getaway but this bag is good for when you are heading to the mall or store or even a friends place for the day. Keeps all that you need when your out for the day running around doing what mamas do.  Have a great day!

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  1. I don't have a baby yet, but this looks awesome!

    1. Thanks for commenting 😀

  2. My aunt recently gave birth to her little boy and I must tell her to find this bag in Walmart!

    1. 🙂 Sounds like a great idea 😀 Thanks for commenting!

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