Monday, November 11, 2013

To Buy, To Do Printable

It is almost December. You must be thinking that I am going crazy because November just started not to long ago but I been preparing for my big trip coming up in December. I am literally afraid to count down the days, hours and minutes because I am nowhere ready yet to take flight. If you have kids you know that I have a ton of things to do before even getting on the plane. I figured you may be doing the same as well or maybe I am just an early bird in this situation.

So how can I make the shopping list a little easier for me and for those going away in December just like me? A free printable of course! Not just any old printable but one designed and targeted for those when need to go shopping or have a ton of things to get done. Yes, that means anyone who is going shopping or has things to do not just travellers.

I created this one so that you can separate your list of what to buy by store. If you have more than four stores that you are going to, you can simply use the To Do sections. It is completely easy to adjust to fit your lifestyle.

To Buy To Do Printable

Where can you download to print your own copy? You can go to my Printable tab above or you can get it from here ------->  

If you haven't check out my other free printables in the tab above yet then you should check it out. I have featured past projects that I turned into printables just for you.

Like the Kid Scheduled that I made
kids schedule printable

And the Kid's Chores Schedule that I made

Now you can have your own version of what I used to help me organize in your own home. So check click on the "City of Free Printables " right there below your more free printables.


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