Wedding Winter Food- Inspiration

Now that the weather is getting colder and snow has fallen a few times (not yet officially sticking on ground) I can say that me having to wear winter boots and a winter coat is enough to say that it is winter to me. I am cold. If you are brave to be having a wedding in this cold weather season then I thought I would share some ideas to tie your love of winter and your wedding together with food!

I know that your thinking that your winter theme cake has to just be white with everything white but you don’t have to have it like that. You can do a blue cake with white snowflakes or branches on the cake. You don’t have to limit yourself at all. Just because it is a winter theme it can be creative. 
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Decorated cookies are delicious hand held treats that can transform into any thing from snowman, snowflakes to classic circle shapes. Lots of flavours to choose from and guests will enjoy them. Can’t go wrong with cookies. (unless they are burnt of course)
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Now I seen cupcakes with white frosting to make look like winter with snow flakes or design but this by far is my favourite… a cupcake in a mug to make look like a cup of hot chocolate. Can you say desert plus favor? Such a creative idea! 
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                               Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. Why not have a mug or a cool travel mug (that also works as favors as well) of hot chocolate for your guest. Have a station where they can add toppings to customize they cup of chocolate. Have fun with it, there are great topping to choose from such as marshmallows, candy canes, whip cream and Carmel drizzle. If hot chocolate is not your thing, maybe provide tea or coffee as well. Something warm that will keep you toasty.
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Ice Sculpture

It is so fun to see creative ice sculptures these days. It is amazing to see what people can make with ice like a snowflake or initials of the bride and groom. I have seen ice sculptures of people but this is a winter theme wedding. Now before you say “Shanice why is this in the food category?” let me say that although you are not eating the ice you no longer have to look at the ice melt, you can get drinks from it. How awesome is that?
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                                              Milk and Cookies
If you are familiar with dunking your chocolate chip cookies in a glass of milk then I am sure that your guest would recall doing the same in their childhood or even right now. What a cute way to bring back memories  and how a shot of milk with a cookie. If you are going to have kids at your wedding you could consider giving the little ones a small milk container and cookie.  
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Marshmallows on a stick sounds boring but marshmallows on a stick heating on a flame then squished between chocolate and a gram cracker sounds very delicious. It is also a great way to for your guest to mingle over the fire. Another option is a fountain of chocolate along with fruits. What? Some people enjoy this during winter. 
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Snow Cones
What a way to bring the snow inside (not literally but that could save on cost lol) Who says this is just for kids? Everyone from young to well more mature will love the sweet treat of the snow cones. What’s a winter theme wedding without the snow right? This picture below is a grand way to have snow appear during the reception but if your going for more of an simple way, try having a waiter walk around with a tray of snow cones.
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Of course who doesn’t remember having warm soap after a long day of playing in the snow or just walking home from school. Chicken noodle soup, tomato soup or any kind you like fills the home with a great scent. Yummy! Treat your guest with the same experience and why not give them some options. You can never go wrong when you give your guests the ability to choose what they prefer to eat. 

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Just thinking about the some of these are making me hungry. I hope you have some time, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment to say how much you enjoyed my post or even say hi, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page or  even subscribe. I will do the same! Have a wonderful creative day!

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  1. I love soup! My housemate makes the best homemade veg soup! I've never had smores before, I must try them at some point soon!

    Corinne x

    1. I love soup too. Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it!

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