Guest Post: Nine Ways for a Warm and Drop Dead Gorgeous Bedroom with Bed Throws

Today I am excited to have my very first guest post blogger Kathy Joe. Please welcome Kathy Joe!

Hi! I am Kathy Joe @ Blog. Decorating and playing around with crafts has always been very dear to me. I am so thankful to Shanice for letting me come over at her beautiful blog and sharing my thoughts with you all.

Nine Ways for a Warm and Drop Dead Gorgeous Bedroom with Bed Throws
With winter upon us, we want our beds to look warm and inviting, but
also fresh, modern and drop dead gorgeous. Bed throws can be used for
purely decorative purposes, or you can choose bed throws that you will
want to use on colder nights. Either way, with a little imagination, bed
throws are guaranteed to make a bedroom look fantastic.

Bed Runners
Runners are thin strips of fabric used on the bed for decoration- they
are laid across the bed where the feet would go. They can be plain or
patterned, can be checked, spotty or striped and can be bright or subtle
colours. Patterns can be pressed out with holes, and they can even be
decorated with tassels or jewels.

Bed Throws
A bed throws is a blanket, cover or piece of fabric
which is arranged on the bed. Bed throws are available in many different
textiles including for example silk, wool, chenille, fleece, velvet,
fur and faux fur. You could use any fabric, blanket or cover for a bed
throw, for example a shawl, a bed sheet, a duvet, an eiderdown, a
bedspread, or even the right tablecloth.

Fold Over an Eiderdown
A duvet or eiderdown could be used as a
throw, and would of course be very practical. Or try using flat sheets.
Place a crisp, cotton sheet three quarters of the way up the bed and
then fold neatly below the pillows. Try using more than one sheet.
Smooth the sheets flat or arrange some creases if you prefer.

Experiment and Be Creative
Mix patterned throws with plain;
combine a long bed throw with a shorter one, a thick padded throw with
flat. Choose animal print throws for a more adventurous look. Use
several throws folded on top of one another so that each one shows
behind the other. For diversity in the bed throws I am a big fan of Yorkshire Linen Co.

Mix Colours
Depending on the look you want to achieve, try mixing
colours. A rich, dark colour such as claret or burgundy on white
bedding looks sumptuous; a bright, bold colour can really warm a bedroom
up; gold or silver looks stylish and sophisticated; black can look
sassy; floral or check patterns might be your choice for a country
cottage feel.

Get Knitting
Crocheted throws or chunky knitted blankets look great, and you can make them in the exact colour and length that you require. For knitted blankets, my favorite to get them from is Tangled Yarn.

Vary the Angle
the throws at the top of the bed, the bottom, or arrange them at an
angle over the end of the bed. Your throw could be folded neatly and
precisely, or arranged in delicate folds to look like a cosy turned down
bed. A longer throw could be arranged so that it trails decadently onto
the floor, or over the board at the bottom of the bed.

Co-Ordinate your Bedroom
Drape the same (or matching) fabric over bedroom furniture for a co-ordinated look, or use it to make some matching cushions.

Add Finishing Touches
replicate a luxurious hotel bed, arrange an assortment of square and
rectangular cushions of different sizes above and below the throw. If
the bedroom is a guest room, place some rolled up towels on the throw.
using a variety of carefully chosen throws, your bedroom will look and
feel so much warmer, cosier, more luxurious, and that extra bit


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