My Vacation Part 2 – Dominica

So far I have told you about my first stop on my vacation where I went to Antigua last week in My Vacation Part 1 – Antigua. Now I am going to tell you about the next stop on my trip to Dominica where I spent the most time. Although things did not turn out as plan (it rained almost every single day and we had to switch rental homes) it was a great vacation mostly because my son got to meet his great grandparents and family members. This city gal defiantly had to turn into a island girl.

Even though it rained I did get to do a few things like go to the sulphur springs which is water containing sulphur which was very relaxing. I also got to go to town where I bought some souvenirs for me and my son. We has a party celebrating my grandparent’s late anniversary which was nice to eat, dance and socialize with everyone. We also went to my grandparent’s land where we saw their house that is getting build, started a fire to make smores and I got to pick fresh oranges. I don’t advise carrying them in your shirt. Why? Because I got bit by a red ant, I guess it crawled onto my shirt. You can say I got a little carried away with becoming an island girl.
Me holding fresh picked oranges from my grandparent’s land. (Before the red ant bit me)

We also drove up to the beach and spent the day there. I finally got to swim into that salt water, stare at the ocean and feel the sand between my toes. I ate much need Caribbean food like fish and chips, bakes with tuna inside, grilled chicken and sugar cane. Yum just thinking about it makes me want to go and get more. My son, Kayden loved everything. I never seen him eat everything like that, guess that picky stage was over because he was for sure getting into the island boy lifestyle. What I miss most is my family and the calming ocean view.

Since it rained so much I did not get to do everything that I was hoping to like go horseback riding, zip lining, go to to waterfalls or go to more beaches. Next trip to Dominica, my grandparent’s house will be built so I wont have to worry about renting a home or hotel. I got a pendent home to visit. I had a great time but I sure missed home. Next week I will tell you about the last part of my trip where I went to Martinique before heading home.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time…except for the red ants,lol! I'm sure the Caribbean food was deelish too! I'm visiting from A lovely blog hop!

    1. I did enjoy myself on my trip.Thank you for visiting my page and commenting. Have a great day!

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