Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Vacation Part 3 - Martinique

Over the past few weeks I have shared with you the two places I have been while on my vacation. It has been fun sharing all the things I have done and the pictures as well. However this is the last place I visited during my trip. After Dominica we took a boat to Martinique, yes I said a boat. Now this was my first time on a boat and it was the same for the rest of my family. Let's just say my stomach could not handle the rollercoaster ride of the boat we were on. That boat ride was far from relaxing. Try to get a taxi to the hotel was far from easy as well but we finally got someone to give us a ride to our hotel.

Martinique speaks French and well I don't (Okay that's a lie, I know five words) so I was happy to have a friend to communicate for us. What I like about this hotel is that there is a outdoor kitchen, a pool with slide and the views was amazing. It was also a bonus to have Disney Channel (I don't have that in Canada) and air conditioning which was well needed on a hot day.

The lobby has a cute store, pool table and other games. There map of the place is creative.

There was a lost of communication for my dinner but I was so hungry that I ate my salad that was suppose to be rice, chicken and potatoes. (Note to self, go with your gut about getting French fries and chicken strips) The place was very peaceful. I enjoyed my stay. 

If you are looking for some things to do they have a pool with a slide, tennis court and a walk to the beach. I also remember seeing a brochure for water activities and horse back riding. This hotel is not just for families, I saw lot of couples as well. I can honestly say that I am happy to be home (Without being in the snow of course). This whole trip has been a wild ride. My son defiantly had one awesome first trip. Not many babies get a two week vacation of 3 islands, 5 plane rides, 3 hotels, 1 nauseating boat ride with 1 baby, 2 family members, 3 siblings and 1 friend. I am exhausted just writing this. If your heading to a island soon, say hi to the ocean for me!

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