Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Travel Edition: To Dos The Night Before/ Day Of

I know when it is days near the time you leave or even the night before, it can be well let’s face it, it can be very chaotic. Making sure everything is packed and trying to make sure that you did not forget a single thing. Plus the added everyday things you have to get done like dinner and making sure your kids are entertained and fed. I am here to remind you of a few things that you should get done.

Night Before:
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Double check that you have packed everything
I know some things like your toothbrush may stay out but when done just slip it into your bag. No last minute packing the night before, it will only drive you crazy to try and remember all that you have to pack.

Have packed luggage by the door
Best idea ever because if you have all you bags by the door ready it is less things to think about when you are getting ready for a taxi or if you choose to pack the your vehicle.

Coats and shoes 
Just like your luggage and bags your coats and shoes should be out for you and your family to grab and go. Instead of looking well digging in the closet for what you guys will be wearing. It saves time and its just overall easier on you.

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Throw away trash
You do not want to come home to the smell of garbage in our home that has stayed there from the time you left. It has never happened to me but I can only imagine that your home will be greeted with the smell of a garbage dump and you may even be greeted with well… bugs. Not the best thing to see or smell when you just get back from vacation so throw away your garbage.

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Clean Your Home
Sweeping the floors, removing crumbs from couch and counters will keep the bugs at their home. Do not give the key to your home to bugs or give them any reason to stay while you’re gone.

Remove any wet clothes from the washer
Leaving your clothes in the washer for a long time will only give you a moldy odor not to mention that is not great for your clothes as well. Make sure you check your washer for any clothes that may have been forgotten. Just pop them in the dryer.            

Pack vehicle
If you have your vehicle in your garage then this is a great idea if you are driving your own car to your vacation or if you are leaving your vehicle at the airport parking.

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Day of your leaving:

Close curtains
Don’t show everyone that you have left the home. Keep curtains closed so that people or neighbors walking by your place won’t know that no one is there. This doesn't necessarily have to be just for houses and townhouse but apartments too.

Lock windows
This is for an obvious reason, just like you would lock a door you should lock your windows too.
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Unplug electronics
Save energy and your energy bills when you unplug your things. You do no need the TV to be plugged in when you are away so unplug. Unplug as much possible like your toaster, microwave, coffee machine to your alarm clock. You're not there to use it so unplug it.

I don’t mean a huge clean up since you most likely did that already but a small one like making sure the dishes that you had used are washed. Any crumbs are swept away or put dirty clothes in a laundry basket.

Turn off water supply
I hear this a good idea if you have a home, of course if you are living in an apartment then you will have to ask about this idea. If you're not paying for water then you don’t need to worry about this part. However if you're living in a home or townhouse find out more information about this but this can save you money while you are away.

Lock the door
Lastly lock your door. Before you say that this is so obvious, remember not everyone locks their door on a regular basis. You would be surprised how many people do not lock it. I say, unless you want unwanted guest to be living in your home while you are gone, I highly suggest you to lock your doors. Back door, front door, garage door and all doors.
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