Friday, February 14, 2014

Shop and City Of Links #6

You that I love natural organic products and been talking mostly about skincare but with skincare there is more than just lotions and soaps.How about some makeup? Most of us wear it but do you know what you are actually putting on your face? Not all of us do. Juice Beauty - The Organic Solution has a make up line that you now don't have to worry about what you are placing on your skin. Are you going out tonight for a night out with your loved one or just want to look and feel your best everyday?

Glowing Cheek Color  
A mixture of organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Blueberry , Cranberry, Strawberry, Promegranate, Red Raspberry,  Grape, Corn Starch and Tapioca creates a natural organic glowing cheek color for you. Give your cheeks a highlight while helping your skin to protect, heals and repair.

Refining Finishing Powder
With the same organic ingredients of the Glowing Cheek Color, Juice Beauty created a lightweight powder that doesn't only protect your skin from signs of ageing but it also add vitamins that feed your skin, moistures, soothes and hydrates leaving a all day airbrushed finish.

Conditioning Lip Color
Looking for a lip color? Juice Beauty uses a mixture of organic Jojoba Oil, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Blueberry , Cranberry, Strawberry, Promegranate, Red Raspberry,  Avocado, Sesame and Agave Leaf Extract to give your lips healthy color and aroma. Of course it helps that this lip color provides moisture that helps firm skin.

Perfecting Foundation

With the organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Jojoba Oil, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Blueberry , Cranberry, Strawberry, Promegranate, Red Raspberry, Grape and Sesame Oil, Juice Beauty created a even natural skin tone coverage foundation that feeds your skin with vitamins, heals and repairs the skin. It also adds the added benefit of soothing, hydrating and replenishing, leaving your skin (all types of skin types) looking and of course feeling beautiful.

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  1. sounds like a very interesting beauty line!!

    1. Thanks and thank you for commenting and linking!


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