Shop and City Of Links #7


Boy am I happy that today is Friday. What a week filled with snow, no snow, rain, wind and slush. Yesterday a rude lady ruined my morning. My sister was walking on the snow of her yard (close to the side walk may I add) because the side walk was filled with ice and she had already fell and hurt herself a few minutes prior to us by her place. She saw my sister on her yard and starting banging on her window like a maniac. I gave her my ‘your being ridiculous‘angry face and carried on walking but I was at a level seven mad state. It is her own fault that my sister had to be walking on the yard. If she has cleared the snow off the side walk the day before and the day before that and the week before that, it wouldn’t have melted and turned into ice causing everyone to slip. My day lighted up soon after though and had a very good day.

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