Fight The Germs With Honest Hands

Everything is getting sick, not only is my little brother sick but now my son is now getting slight fever. Poor kids.Not a great start to my brother’s march break.With flu season be so evident not only at my place but every where, it is only fitting to talk about me next favourite product from the Honest company Honest Hand Sanitizer (2 oz.). I love that his sanitizer does not dry out your hands because of the vitamin E and Aloe ingredients. You don’t need to rinse your hands after and has long lasting protection while not using any harsh chemicals. Not many companies can guarantee that. This two pack, travel size hand sanitizers are $5.95

          Honestly Free from:

  • tricolsan,
  •  benzalkonium chloride,
  •  phthalates parabens, 
  • synthetic perfumes, 
  • glycol, 
  • enzymes, 
  • dyes, 
  • chlorine, 
  • formaldehyde & petrochemicals

Get ready to keep one in your diaper bag and even one at home. Now you don’t have to worry about what harsh chemicals you are putting on your and your children’s hands. I brought this on my vacation and my family loved this product. It’s perfect for any kind of trip, you never know how many germs are on a counter, shopping cart or door knob. When traveling you are expressed to even more germs. Never let this hand sanitizer out of your sight. Fight the germs, before they starting making a home in your body. 

Now you can get your own for yourself or for both you and your kids. While you are there, why not check out more eco-friendly, all natural and over all amazing products that you can be proud of with no worries. Want to try a sample of Honest Products? I have an invitation just for to get your own free sample pack.  

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  1. I might be the only mom who hasn't used Honest products – I hear they are amazing! I will have to get some next time I see them!

    Thanks for linking up to Wordy Wednesday! 🙂

    1. Its never too late to start. Thank you for taking the time to stop by 🙂

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