Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Into Wedding Colors

The calendar say Spring although the weather is playing tricks on us. It is a good thing blogs don't go by the weather just on freedom and creative creations. When I think about spring, I think about bright pops of color, like lime greens, oranges, bright blues, pink and yellows. Which brings me to this post. I thought starting this wedding season off on a spring level with green wedding inspiration.

Nothing say spring more than some green. Fill your wedding with natural greens. I love it when brides put coloured shoes on under their gowns, it add personality. Plus who says you can't do that, it is your day after all. You can keep your cake simple with a touch of green instead dressing the whole cake with green. As well as introducing your guest to your color scheme with an green invitation. Images from Invitation CrushHotref and Jetfeteblog.

Yellow makes you smile most of the time. Having a yellow wedding is great when you balance it out with white or another color. Even a darker yellow and a bright yellow. Try not having the same shade of yellow and only that or else you just may blind your guest with all this yellow. You can add yellow without overwhelming the space like adding rose peddles that are yellow, yellow candies or adding a little to your table d├ęcor. Images from chicweddingideas, lastsarahann and thesweetestoccasion

I love when brides bring their color scheme into their food, it just adds flavour, literally. Adding pink lemonade or a signature drink is a fun way to add your color of your wedding to the food or drinks. Of course there is always the traditional of adding your colors to the flower arrangements and bridesmaids dresses. Seeing your color standing along beside you, sure make you stand out!  Images from, links2love and ruffledblog.

It is not everyday I see brides carry a orange wedding clutch but giving your bridesmaid your wedding color in a clutch adds your color especially if you are planning to have them go in a different direction with your color choice. If you really want to stand out, have a bright color on your nails instead of the traditional French manicure style. Nail art has been very popular trend lately so why not have your nail stand out as well or even just your bridesmaid's nails. You don't want to forget the groomsmen they need a pop of color as well. so don't think only your soon to be husband has to wear the wedding color, simply add a flower or have their ties correspond with your color.  Images from emmalinebride, fabfatale, bonmariage.

Something blue anyone? If your taking your something blue to every part of your wedding then add it to any jewellery from head to toe. Has the pinky toe ring come back yet? For the bride the focused jewellery may be that new diamond ring but adding grandma's pearls or charm to your bouquet of flowers is always something special to everyone. Tradition brides have their flowers more neutral tones but liven it up with colour, all eyes are on you anyways so add a stand out colour along with you as your walk down the aisle. However, if you want colour in a more hidden way, you can always have a coloured garter. Images from gemstoneriver, dkdesignshawaii and pbjacksonville

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