Thursday, April 10, 2014

My New Crown Clutch Wallet

crown wallet

I am so excited to show you this steal of a deal wallet purse. I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. It was light blue (my favourite colour), it has a crown on it (also my favourite) and it was a great price (we were meant to be this wallet purse and me) So you can see the reason why I had to get this wallet purse. Last summer my wallet got stolen and it was a gift and the only purse that had a crown on it and was a somewhat expensive gift so when it was stolen my heart was sad and ever since I have been looking for the right replacement one until now. Look at this Women's Multi Propose Envelope Wallet Purse or crown smart pouch leather wallet that I bought!

I bought this from 

for $9.00 + shipping with the original price was around $40-60.00 dollars. So I had to buy one for my mom and they had a deal 2 for $17.00. It arrived in 3-4 weeks and here it is!

It has a crown on the gold zipper handle

Crown on the face of the wallet.

Perfect size

Love the bright blue

Two large slots for cards.

Pink background 

Section for your cell phone 

You can plug in headphones to your phone with this hole that they provided.

Zippered slots for change and cash or more credit cards and receipts 

Detachable wrist band for your wallet.

Back of the wallet

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  1. Love the Wallet! Im in search for something like that. Sometimes you just want to grab your wallet and go without the hassle of a bulky pocket book.

    1. I hear ya! My first week of having this wallet and I am never letting it go. Hope you find one for you! Thank you for stopping by and commenting Lisa, hope you come back again :)


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