Natural Diaper Rash and Exzema Solution

the honest company healing balm
Honest to goodness I love honest products. You could probably tell that already by now lol. Well I got another product that I have to tell you about. If you haven’t already tried this Honest Healing Balm yet for your baby then what are you waiting for. Let’s face it most babies get diaper rashes right? This product is a natural way of curing that rash and more such as exzema and minor cuts or scratches. Say no more to those gross smelling, makes your baby bum look like a complete different colour chemical diaper rash product this one has your baby naturally protected. 
With the ingredients of organic sunflower, olive, coconut oils, tamanu oil, chamomile & calendula and beeswax you can be sure that your baby is in the best care. These ingredients help to nourish, moisturise, protect sensitive inflamed irritated skin, balance skin gently while providing a protective barrier to prevents future diaper rash.

You can always rely on Honest Company to be honestly free of:
            • petroleum, mineral oil, 
            • lanolin, gluten,
            • parabens, phthalates, 
            • fragrances, dyes 
            • and most common allergens

Now you can get your own Non-toxic, cute, eco-friendly and effective! Shop See what’s all the commotion is about for yourself. Why not check out more eco-friendly, all natural and over all amazing products that you can be proud of with no worries. Want to try a sample? I have an invitation just for to get your own free sample pack.  

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