DIY Wedding Feature – Easy Rose Cupcake Bouquet

It looks fantastic these roses… rose cupcakes that is. They look good enough to eat and I am sure guests would say they same thing when they grab a cupcake rose for themselves. I couldn’t help but imagine this on a table as a centrepiece or at the desert table. What a great why to mix delicious treats with décor. Who wouldn’t want that? Plus think about it as as two for one if you want to save money.

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2 Replies to “DIY Wedding Feature – Easy Rose Cupcake Bouquet”

  1. This is so pretty! Never thought to do cupcakes this way. It would make a great center piece for any occasion. Talk about "Edible arrangements" this one takes the cake! Have a great day!

    1. I agree! Thank you for stopping by and commenting Lisa 🙂

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