DIY Wedding Feature – Framed Wedding Date

I saw this Framed Wedding Date from Pistachio Road at my City Of Links Party and had to mention it this week. I think sometimes it is hard to get something for a bride and groom without it having to be a box of cups or plates. Yes there is a registry but the least expensive always gets taken first and you think okay let me just send some money but you want you gift to mean more. Make something that they can put up in their new home or if your the soon- to – be wife/ husband make one of these for your home.

If you are thinking décor wise, you can simply make these for every table with the dates of special occasions you shared with your loved one, with date dates of your first date and so on, with the date you kissed, had a baby, got engaged and knew when you were in love. Those are fantastic moments to surround yourself with and share with your friends and family. Add photos if you have them and give your family and guests a chance to step into the story of how you two got to where you are today.

Make a Framed Wedding Date for yourself or friend.
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  1. Super cute! I love DIY gifts. I feel people appreciate them so much more because they know you put your heart into it and gave it some thought! Thank you for stopping by ~ Chrystal

    1. I agree, thank you for stopping by and commenting Chrystal.

  2. Chic and unique! Pinned

    1. Thank you Michele, have a great weekend!

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