Last Day Of School Treat + Card

last day of school ideas

It is the last day of school over here and boy am I excited. I can’t wait for the last bell to ring and I am relaxing as much as I can this summer with some added awesome fun activities that I have planned for me, my son and my siblings. No more being a couch well bed potato at home. This is the summer that we are going to out and doing stuff. Fun stuff! I am excited. I thought it would be nice to kids in each of my sibling’s class as treat to celebrate the last day of school. Aren’t I nice? I hope these kids enjoy this gift because I am exhausted doing all these treats. I underestimated how much work this would be, three classes, around 85 students in total, a huge bag of lollipops and creating three different cards to go with them.

After a long day, I am finally done the treat tags or labels or cards (which ever one you want to call them) and you can use them too because I made three very cute printables for you. When you go to print them there with be three rows of two (six in total) on one page. Here is three options for you all. I hope you all enjoy your last day of school, if you are not already on it. HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

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