Fun Summer Activities – Niagara Falls

A few weeks ago we went to Niagara Falls and it became a great addition to my Fun Summer Activities. It was a last minute idea to go but it was Kay’s first time and my third or fourth time I believe. When I went for the first time  it was in winter so I watched the cold frozen falls and lights. This time the weather was nice. Lots of people of course which is not a surprise at all when there is nice weather you can expect a ton of people to be some where enjoying it.

We got to see a rainbow.

The USA Fall.
niagara falls

We saw one of the boats. Kay kept pointing to it. 

I believe it is the Mists of the Falls boat ride.

Canada’s Falls

Such beautiful day to see the falls. 

Kay enjoyed it for the most part he is young b. He liked looking at the waterfall and boat. After we looked and took pictures of the falls we had to do a little shopping. It is a must for first timers lol. I wanted to get something for Kay for his first time there.

So I bought a onesie with a moose on it 
and the words Niagara Falls Canada on it.
We finished our day off at iHop. At first I was thinking that they only had breakfast but to my surprise they had dinner there as well. Not a lot of people were there because it just opened not to long ago. It was a very nice day. 

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