Great On the Go Wet Bag

wet bag

Have you ever go swimming and put your wet swim clothes in a plastic bag because you did not want your bag to get wet? Or you were not near a garbage and have a dirty diaper wondering where you are going to put this stinky thing? I bought these Kushies “On the Go” Waterproof Wet Bags from Walmart for my vacation that I was on in December. These were such a helping hand during my trip and even after my trip I still have it near me in my bag.

I bought this bag for $13.97 and you get two in a pack. It is perfect for anything, from clean items, clothing and toys to dirty items like diapers and wet sandy swimsuits. Simply wash this and you are on your way to using it again. I love the print. I also love that you can fold it and bring it with you and yet it is big enough to fit your things when you need it.

There is different sizes, mine is their larger size (10.5″ x 13″). 

Company is Kushies.

Reusable Material.

Pull string.

Now you are ready to go. 

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