Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Get Summer Organized

summer organized

Summer is here and nothing makes me happier than some extra relaxation and fun times in the sun. Sometimes it is hard to get everything ready for summer and at times it takes us a few weeks to really settle into a routine. To have the best summer this year there is some things you should do to be summer ready and summer organized. In this post I will be sharing five ways on how you can get summer organized this year.

1. Snacks
Everyone knows that when summer hits the house hold so does the grocery bill. Keeping snacks and healthy fruits and veggies around for the kids will eliminate the words "I am hungry!", "What is there to eat?", "When is breakfast, lunch and dinner?", "I am sooo hungry.", "Can you make me something to eat?". Try not to only supply junk food but have healthy choices around too. You can have your cake but after you eat a bowl of broccoli. There is many healthy snacks around these days that your kids will love. Try having a taste test day where you get healthy snacks and they tell you if they enjoy it or not. Make sure to write down the ones they do enjoy. My mom did that with my siblings with different fruits and veggies. My siblings loved it!
2. Schedule
Schedule is a must have for your sanity. I went one week without one so far last week (I was super busy) and I saw a lot of constant sitting on the computer, sitting on the couch watching TV and sitting on the couch to play video games. Arguments about someone not getting a turn on this and that. It is hard to remember who asked to go on what and who asked first plus kids never seem to remember when they are suppose to get off something yet they are quick to remember the time their favourite show is on.. Funny how that happens huh. Schedule some couch time, computer time, video time but lot and lots of active, outdoor time onto this handle summer schedule.

3. Activities
It is very important to have your kids outdoors, enjoying the weather, running around and taking in the fresh air. I know that is not always easy for everyone but there is many things to do that is free, the park and water parks. Look around for activities to do in your community and city. Search engines are a great help in that department but also asking your friends who have kids, they should know a few places that you may enjoy around the town. Tons of museums, amusement parks, libraries and more. Create things at home to do on rainy days with your kids and make it fun!

4. Sunscreen & Bugspray
We only have one body so why not protect it. Teach your kids at a young age to value their body by protecting it from harsh sun rays. Why not take it a step further by using all natural products such as the Honest company's Sun screen. With being outdoors you should also protect your skin and body from those bugs from bugging you and your kids. Don't swat just spray them away.

5. Protection
Another way to protect yourself this summer is with sunglasses and hats. Not only does sunglasses look very cute on all of us especially babies but they serve a purpose too. Find the hat for you and your kids this summer that keeps you a little shaded from the heated sun. I personally don't wear hats often because I do not pull it off nicely. Who knows maybe I haven't found the right hat for me. I tired placing a hat on my son many times but he keeps taking it off. At least I tried right. He now takes off my siblings hats these days.

Over all, I hope these tips help out this summer. I bet you all will have a very fun, very active and very protected summer.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Having a schedule is a must!

    1. Your welcome Libby. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  2. love these ideas! thank you for sharing. Summer holiday more organised.

  3. Awesome! I do need to get a bit more organized (specifically my desktop and desk are looking a bit crazy right now). Thanks for inspiring me to get everything together & in order!

    Thanks for linking up at the Bewitchin Projects party this week! I can’t wait to see what you link up again next week over at OurMiniFamily.com!

    ~Cathy Mini~

    1. Your welcome Cathy. I am happy I could inspire you!


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