Lost Keys

lost keys

Friday July 18,2014 is when it happened. It happened all rather quickly as fast as you could lose car keys that is. One minute it was there and the next it was gone. Gone right out of thin air. Have you ever had your child lose something? Okay let me rephrase that question because even myself have lost things so of course children would. I mean I have even thought I lost my littlest sister once in my apartment. I didn’t really… she was in the apartment and conveniently taking her nap in my mom’s bed (covered head to toe may I add) So I simply misplaced her. But keys? Car keys? House keys? Any form of set of keys? I don’t know how this all happened but do I have a story to tell.

That Friday night we were getting ready to head away for a wedding (that I was uninvited to be my aunt’s plus one to due to me getting a surgery and replaced by my mom) and hangout at the hotel while my mom and aunt went. Kay went I guess got a hold of the keys and was running around jingling it around. I told him to give the keys to my mom. I heard the jingle of the keys heading towards her but I guess she wasn’t where I thought she was. Next thing we knew it, it was gone.

Now try asking a one year old to go find the keys. He just looked at me confused and copying my reactions. I guess I would look confused too if I was him. To make things even more amusing on his part, I thought repeating it over again with a huge smile and my arms in the shape of a ‘W’ would help “Where is the keys Kay? Where is the keys? Can you get grandma’s  Gram Gram’s keys for me? Where did you put Gram Gram’s keys? Show mommy where the keys are. Where the keys for room room?” He just looked up at me with the same ‘W’ shaped arms. It was worth a try right?

So we ended up taking the spare key. My key for the car that I hold on proudly for years and never even knew how to drive. After the weekend. We got back and torn apart my apartment and cleaned are way through searching for the keys. I did as much as my recovering body would let me. I kept getting instructed to relax and sit down. I felt fine but still did that anyways. So my room, my siblings room, my mom’s room, in and under one of the couches in the living room and playpen that was filled with toys and nothing. Also we were tired so decided to take a break.

Fast forward to yesterday. So here I was cleaning the living room and re-sweeping up the couch and under the desk my little sister does her crafts as well as the shoe area and there is was. I am totally joking I didn’t find the keys. As I was saying I was sweeping and here Kay comes around the corner with his car in hand and cute little smile. He sits to play near the folded up playpen and rolls his car around and next thing you know I heard the jingle of keys. KEYS! Right in the same little hands that lost them. Well I was so happy that I lifted him up and rushed him in my mom’s room showing her that her beloved car keys were officially back.

Who would have known that he would be the one to find them or that he would lose them in the first place. How could so many of us not have seen it? And how funny that he finds it while playing with his toy car. I guess it doesn’t matter now since it is found. Do you have a funny story about you or your child loosing something of yours, family members, friends. I want to hear it.

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

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    1. Thank you so much Mobolaji, I am so happy and honoured that you nominated me for a Liebster Award. I will check out.

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