Perfect Travel Play Pen

travel play pen

Going on vacation is supposed to be very relaxing however it is not always the case. For me, when I went on vacation (that was in December if you were wondering) I made sure to buy a playpen since I knew I wasn’t always going to be in a hotel. A playpen is such a fantastic helping hand, if you already have one at home then you should consider packing yours up and bring it along for the ride. If you haven’t bought one then what are you waiting for, that is a must have for all those bringing babies on a trip. This playpen saved me and was so helpful during my trip.

I can say that having it allowed me to get things done during my son’s nap time or when he went to bed at night. It acted like the crib at home. I bought this Cosco Funsport Playard – Hoot online at Walmart for $64.77. I knew ahead of time that I did not want to buy an expensive one since at the time my son was just in the early stages of walking and knowing him he did not want to be in it for long. I looked up this product again for you all but I couldn’t find the exact one that I bought but I noticed that they do have new versions of this playpen.


Slide out of the bag.

 Unfasten the feltcrow  

Put the mat off to the side, you won’t need it right away.

This is what it looks folded up
It has wheels on one side and other side without.

Open the playpen 
Pull sides out and straighten them. Make sure you hear the clicks.

Now pull the middle handle up towards the ceiling.
Everything should be straightened.

Now you can use the bottom mat

Take the feltcrow strap and slide it through the hole. Repeat with each side.

Now its done.

Great size and great goodnights sleep.

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