Value Village & Orfus Road Finds

value village and orfus road

I am always excited to go to my favourite Value Village. Now I say my favourite one because this one has all the nice clothes. Yes, very nice clothes and its huge which can be a good and bad things. I for one spend tons of hours in this store and before I know it, it is night time lol. This weekend we donated some of our clothes and things before getting out shopping on. Me and my family try to go to this particular value village about maybe four times a year (Back to School Time, Winter Break, March Break and Summer Time) The reason why we don’t go any more than that is because it is a long drive and it is an all day event. You may ask, “Shanice why don’t you just go to a closer store?” for one reason and one reason only, I am shopping at the value village in one of the richest areas in Toronto 🙂 Oh yeah I found a great loop hole to value village shopping. Think rich people donating clothes = Stellar Deals! Check out what I bought this weekend.


I also went to Orfus Road where amazing deals come from. I did not have much to to really scan through all my favourite store. Orfus Road is a street filled with stores from the mall and some small stores. Have you ever wonder where the clothes from the mall go after it is done at the mall… it pretty much goes to Orfus Road. Let me tell you a true story that happened to me. I bought this fantastic sweater from Urban Planet that I used a huge chunk of my babysitting money to buy at the mall. It was around $26.00 but I figured it was worth it. Months later my friend brought me to Orfus for the first time and there beholds my sweater. T The same exact sweater I was wearing and bought from the mall. Guess how much it was for sale… this still hurts… it cost only $5.00. YES $5.00.   I did check out Urban Planet but there wasn’t anything I was really into so I went to Fairweather. There were having a Buy One and Get Second for $10.00 deal and there was many dresses to choose from so I said why not.

Boy did I save a lot. Who needs malls when I got these two places to truly shop until I drop…drop into a pile of savings that it.You should have seen my mom’s savings for her, my brother and two sisters now that was a real fantastic deal.Overall I have to admit that this day was filled with so many deals, so many items and so much fun saving!

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8 Replies to “Value Village & Orfus Road Finds”

  1. Awesome finds and you saved a tons of money shopping there.. You found some really nice clothes!
    Love the Leopard dress!!!

    1. Thank you so much Dawn. It was defiantly one fun shopping day. I love the leopard dress too!

  2. Wow…. You scored big! Good for you for being such a bargain shopper….. 🙂
    xox, Crystelle

    1. Thanks Crystelle, it is always exciting to have extra money in your pocket with such great savings.

  3. I don't live in the USA, but your tips would work anywhere. I love to shop our local factory outlets at the change of season – great bargains to be had!

    1. Thanks Melanie. I love a great bargain. I don't live in USA either but I am happy my tips can help anyone. Your local factory outlets sound great!

  4. Awesome finds! I love a good deal!

    1. Thank you Amanda, me too!

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