Driving Lesson Tales – Day 1

My mom taught me to drive in a parking lot. I honestly thought I was going to kill us but my mom was very patient with me. I kept thinking ” The car is moving! I am moving the car! The car is moving! I am moving the car!” Now your thinking yes Shanice the car is suppose to move but I was thinking so much about my mom’s life is in my hands and her van is in my hands and this could sudden go bad because of me. Not something I should be thinking about I tend to over think sometimes. I did catch on very fast as much as I could catch on to in a parking lot.

I had this bad habit of using double feet, one over the brake, the other over the gas. For some reason that was comfortable for me. My mom laughed but let me continue at it since it was my first time. One foot felt strange to me yet that is what you are suppose to do.

I did freak out when a car came into the parking lot. They were parking and I stopped the car so fast because I didn’t know what to do when cars are near. The thought of lots of more lives were scary. After that things were fine, I parked and gave the driver seat back to my mom. I had no idea that this would be so scary.

Now for my instructor. Well my driving instructor is pretty funny. He taught me all the things about the inside of the car and under the hood. Then it was my turn to drive. He did ask if I wanted to pray first lol Then ask if I am going to be brave or be a chicken today and I said “I am going to be a chicken” he laughed but I was being 100% serious. I was hoping for a parking lot and the instructor is wanting me, someone who had no idea of what she is doing to be driving on the real road with people and cars. I know that is how you are suppose to learn but goodness I was nervous. There should be a driving parking lot like in the movies. That is what I was picturing.

He got mad at me a few times because I do my turns great one second and completely chicken out. I braked too hard. I stopped too far from the stop sign. I either pressed to hard on the gas and not turn my wheel when turning or turned my wheel and not press on the gas. I almost hit kids on a bike (my instructor has a brake on his side of the car but you get my drift. IF he had no brake I would be traumatize!) I was a mess. Again, why am I on the road? I was so frustrated with myself because I wasn’t remembering, I was over thinking, I was questioning myself and scared. I kept thinking that I couldn’t wait for this session to be over.

What I learned? I am over thinker and I suck a right turns.

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2 Replies to “Driving Lesson Tales – Day 1”

  1. Shanice, I am confident that you will develop into a great driver. The mistakes you describe in your post are things that ALL people do when they first stat driving. Anytime you start something new, you will be challenged…growing pains! I hope this encourages you to have a little more compassion for yourself when you make a mistake. You will be owning the road some months from now:)


    1. Aww you are so sweet Robyn. Thank you so much for your comment. I defiantly feel a lot better. Soon this will be another goal that I tackled and concurred! 😀

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