My Dream Business Venture

dream business venture campaign

If you have a chance to start a business tomorrow, what would it be? I was asked that by Kabbage. Not a literately a cabbage (the veggie) but the small business loan company called Kabbage for their ‘Dream Venture Campaign’. I thought this concept was fun and different that is why and I am teaming up with Kabbage to share with you what my dream venture would be. “A loan company Shanice, are you being serious?” Yes! Many of us dream of having a business and when we make that happen sometimes we need a helping hand, but there is so much to go through when money is a problem. I know that was my first thought when I had the thought of starting a business a long time ago. Kabbage is a really cool company that specializes in helping small business pursue their dreams with financial help. Let me tell you why I think this company is special (it may just be what your business needs) and find out what my dream business would be.

But wait who is Kabbage? Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, Kabbage is a small business loan company. However not in the same way of an banks. (I know, I know, you hear those words all the time.) You can get approved for this loan instantly (saving you weeks of biting your nails for a response) and get your money transfer to your Paypal. Simply link up to your business bank (bye bye loan documents, tax records, income statements…ect) and apply for it (7 minutes… everyone has 7 minutes to spare.) They also have complete flexibility for how much you want, when you need and local Kabbage team members happy to help you 7 days a week. Not too shabby. If you have a small business why not check this out. I was impressed by them and may just try them out if I ever consider bringing my small business idea to life.

Which brings me to my Dream Business Idea!  If I had the chance to start a business tomorrow, what would it be?…. An interior decorating/ wedding planning business. 

Let’s call it – City of Wed and Decor (Don’t make fun of me. I couldn’t think of anything else at the moment.)

The Business:

One stop for wedding décor and home décor…. and technically design too! (my obsessions combined) Come inside the wedding décor section if you are looking to make your wedding dreams come to a reality. Showrooms filled with inspiration and color schemes. Samples all around. Have wedding planners by your side as they transfer a showroom into your dream right before your eyes. Assign any of the workers to bring your dream from the showroom to the venue. Done the wedding and ready for your home? Make your way down the interior decorating side and customize your dream home to the way you want if from the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and more. Select from showrooms, prints, tile, paint and carpet. All prices for any budget.

The Space:

Picture big sign in the middle of a large shiny building. Two storefront windows on either side of the building displaying wedding décor on one the left side and home décor on the right. When you enter you can choose left to go wedding décor shopping or right to go home décor shopping or you could go straight in the building’s lounge area with small food area to grab a bite to eat (shopping can make you hungry sometimes… just go with it.) water feature in middle of wall before you decide on which bathroom to go into. Hey, they said dream business, right?

What I Would Need:
  • Money
  • Space
  • Décor
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Website
  • Employees
  • Advertisement
  • Customers

How Would I Start it?
  1. Research on how to start a business like mine.
  2. Apply and Sign for anything needed for a business.
  3. Make sure my business name is not in face taken already
  4. See competition and if there is anything like mine out there.
  5. I guess I would either save up for the money to start this business or loan from a bank
  6. Find companies who would invest or want to put their products in my store.
  7. Find building space (a spot where people are)
  8. Build a website
  9. Go to a job fair to attract employee
  10. Advertise on TV, websites and on a company site with the same or similar niche.
  11. Open the doors for Business 
Sounds like a lot of work but these are things you need to do to make a successful business. What do you think? Now I ask you the same question Kabbage asked me if you could start a business right now, today what would your business be? Also, what would you call it?

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  1. I have been dreaming/researching starting an event planning business. I am already in the industry, but I want to go from corporate down to personal. It is so much fun!!

    1. That sounds awesome Heather. Being your own boss. Event planning sounds like fun. Thank you for sharing your dream business with me.

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