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Orfus Road - Toronto's Hidden Shopping Gem

orfus road toronto

My friends over at Turo (formally know as RelayRides) asked me to be apart of a peer to peer mission with other bloggers and create a post for their Hometown Hidden Gem Campaign to talk about the hidden gem in my city to be placed along onto their places board. Cool right! I couldn't say no I mean this is such a cool idea. I was so excited to be apart of this not only because I get to share my favourite place with everyone as I like to do normally but also get to highlight a company that is doing something great and different in our world that you may not even have known about until today.Before I share what I choose as my hidden gem I thought you should know a few things about this hidden car rental gem Turo.

Turo is a affordable car rental place that does things a little differently. Okay a lot differently. They have found a way to reuse your car or someone else's car. How? By two different ways. 1. By borrowing your car to someone else or 2. By having someone else borrow their car to you. Get it? Instead of a brand new, car, you are using someone else car, you get to meet the person and everything. (Don't worry it is totally safe with their insurance and roadside assistance) Your not getting a stinky gross car, you get complete control on which car and more.

Now for what I have chosen as my hidden gem. The first place that I could think of is my favourite shopping destination... Orfus Road. Now you may have heard me talking about my huge savings there a few weeks ago but I didn't not go into full detail of what Orfus road really is. It is a long street filled with shopping deals from small stores to stores you see at the mall. I don't shop at any other place because the clothing you see at the mall will make it way to Orfus Road. True story, I bought my sweater for $20.something dollars at the mall and few months or weeks later went to Orfus, same store and it was $5.00! (Still hurts.) Now I don't shop at the mall.

orfus road

What you can expect? In store sales, outside sales tents also ice cream trucks, loud music and hot dog trucks making it way down the street. Of course you can expect people to be enjoying the sales as well. Parking is not to bad, I am not the one driving but we seem to always find a parking spot however you should choose a spot where you can walk to all your stores. Unlike the mall you have to walk outside and into the stores you want to go to. Exercising your wallet and body! Hours are by store but roughly 10am - 9pm and I have seen these stores open on every day, every holiday.

orfus road, sirens

When you first go down the street you can find a Dollarama, Beddington's Bed & BathGrande Cheese Factory Outlet on your right. Continue down and you can find Nine West Shoes Outlet, Party City, Ardene Shoe Outlet, Designer Depot, Ardene, Le Chateau, Sirens, Urban Planet, West 49 and more.

orfus road, bowring

Don't forget about the lower half of the street because their are more stores to check out like Bluenotes.

orfus road

There are more stores you can find like Fairweather. (Fantastic dresses!)

orfus road, fairweather

Across the street, you can find an Urban Behavior as well.

orfus road, urban behaviour

If you are looking to buy kids clothes, you can find great places like Urban Planet, as wells as International Kids.

orfus road, international kids

But if you really want to get kids clothes you have to check out the Urban Kids Store for boys and girls.
(You can see my little Kay in the blue running in this shot lol)

At the end of the street, you can find this new store called Amazing Clothing Company.

orfus road, amazing clothing company

By the end of the street you will have so many bags of clothing for yourself, your kids, your husband and your home that you many need a second car. A few reminders though, only a handful of stores will have fitting rooms. I know for sure Urban Planet does not :( but some do. Make sure you know your sizes. Some places will not let you take in other store bags so they will bag and tag it for you. If you are not sure simply ask if you need to leave your bags or you can always bring your bags to your car in between going to stores. 

Where is it? Down Dufferin St a little past Yorkdale Mall you will find this amazing Orfus Road.

Enjoy this shopping destination!

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