Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Potty Training Diary - Week 1

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I have done it... well not finished but I have finally starting the potty training adventure. My son is now 19 months. I noticed that lately it is a fight to change his diaper (like I am a villian and he is a super hero saving himself from Dr.Clean who keeps taking him away from playing just to change his dirty diaper.) I have no idea when changing diapers came to be such a burden. Here I was thinking he would be happy to have someone clean him but now it seems to be very uncool. (When did my 19 month old get so big?) So based on that I figured maybe it is time to start potty training him.

If you remember I only potty trained one child (slightly two) kids in my whole life. My youngest sister and I help my friend's son whenever I were to babysit him. But if that doesn't count then I officially potty trained one child stressfully but successfully. It is a lot of work and I hear hears are the easiest to potty train. I am not sure about that. I think any child, no matter if they are a boy or girl is hard to potty train because of the word train. Its a whole new world for these kiddos and we are the ones training them which makes this combination very hard to do.

I heard that someone got their 18 month old to potty train in a week. That is fantastic for that person, that is not my personal goal. My goal is to get my son potty trained and if he gets it in one week, two weeks, a month or so on then that is okay with me. (Sidenote: I bet that child who got trained in a week was a girl) I have a too smart for his age boy who wants to spend time playing so having him training in a week sounds a bit unrealistic at the moment. However, we will see how long it take. Here is how the first few days went. This is not a typical week but I put down the days that he went on the potty instead sharing days with just the words "He didn't go on the potty"

Day 1- Friday.  I call this day my introduction day. I just wanted to calculate what times he would go. I got Kayden to sit on the potty three times and out of those three times he actually used it twice. I would have to say it was a great start. I noticed the pattern of when he had to go with the use of my chart. He was a little fussy at first so I entertained him so he was not bored. He played with his cars, we played head and shoulders, and hands up and dance all while on the potty.

What I learned? Today his potty times were 12:24PM & 5:22PM. So around 20 minutes after was today's pattern.

Day 2 - Sunday.We tried once this day at night after his bath but he was not having it and was too tired so he didn't use it that day. He drew some little pictures (scribbles) while on the potty before taking him off.

What I learned? So I realized that maybe night time close to bedtime or after his bath time is too much for him right now so I am going to stick to the in day sessions.

Day 3 - Wednesday. Placed him on in the morning because he place the potty seat by himself and waiting for me. He was fussy to actually sit on the potty seat because it was close to his nap time and he was tired but even though that he used the potty. His potty time today was 11:22AM. Then he napped right after. Later I changed him and then placed him on the potty but after sitting there from 3:45PM-4:45PM I figured that nothing was going to happen.

What I learned? Maybe placing him on the potty when he already went in his diaper is not the best idea and sitting on the potty that long is not the most comfortable for him or me.

 Day 4 - Thursday. I placed him on the potty from 12:30PM- 12:45PM but nothing happened. We did sing his favourite song together "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith, hands up and dance, shook maracas, played hide & seek and peek a boo with the tub curtains. I felt like time was going slow and I had be in the bathroom for hours. Entertaining in a bathroom is not a easy as it seems. Got to come up with a lot more ideas.

What I learned? I should have placed him on way before 12:30PM since his pattern is 20 minutes after not 30 minutes after. 
Day 5 - Friday. I thought I would try to put him on for 12:21PM- 12:45PM since yesterday didn't go very well but he didn't go again. We did sing "Stay with me" again. Later he stood by the bathroom and looked at me. So I asked if he had to go potty and he nodded his head yes. So I sprung up and walked him inside to find that he already placed the potty seat on top of the toilet. He went on at 5:10PM but didn't use the potty until 5:44PM. At least he knew he had to go but it was very early on when he actually had to go. Great progress though! Very proud mama.

What I learned.? No matter how stressful this is, I am making progress and he is learning. 

This is my adventure and if it helps, gives you a laugh or gives you some suggestions then continue following me journey. Share some advice if you like too or methods that have worked for you.

I hope you have some time, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment to say how much you enjoyed my post or even say hi, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page or  even subscribe. I will do the same! Have a wonderful creative week!


  1. Glad to have found your site. Keep up the good work! DB Product Review

    1. Thank you so much Don. Happy you are enjoying my blog.

  2. we're on week two of potty training. i keep telling myself that every day is progress!


    1. I try to do the same thing. Thanks Amanda for stopping by and commenting. I hope my week two will be even more progress!

  3. We've been doing this with our daughter over Labor Day weekend. She is a lot older though. 3 at at the end of October. But she was EXTREMELY resistant to potty training and even now, the first couple of days were pretty rough. But within the weekend, yeah 3 days, she seems to have gotten it. Just pee though - no poop. Thanks for linking up at Gingerly Made. It's good to hear how others are doing and working through this stage.

    1. Wow that is awesome, great progress especially since she was resistant at first. Thanks for sharing your story with me.


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