Thursday, September 4, 2014

Driving Lesson Tales - Day 2

driving lesson tales

So if you have been keeping up then you know that I been taking driving lessons... got my learners already (G1 in Ontario), finished my in-class lessons and taken the wheel literally in my hands. My first time on the road was interesting for the most part. It wasn't the red pylons in the parking lot that I imagined you can read about it here - Driving Lesson Tales - Day 1 - Now for this week things were a little different.

Things started off as me driving as soon as the instructor arrived. I had to try to remember what I was supposed to do. Seat belt, adjust seat, start the car, push down the parking break and then put the car in drive and then drive of course. I think I was nervous because I asked the instructor to remind me to do those things except the seat belt part. That I knew very well.

We... well I drove down the streets I usually go down to drop off my siblings to school and then back to the roads where we went last time to practice driving. I noticed my stops were a lot better... no more stopping very hard at the stop signs. Last time my instructor said I needed to stop more gently or else I would have to give my passengers a throw up bag in whenever they drive with me lol. At least I didn't slam on the brakes, right?

My turns, I still have trouble with my right turns. I would think that left turns would be bad but for me its the right. I still that nervous.... turn wheel with no gas or....  barely turn wheel with gas. Oh how turning drives me crazy. "Follow the curve Shanice" the instructor says. He doesn't say my name properly but he has accent so it's not a big deal. Most people can't say my name for some reason. I accepted it lol.

Oh did I tell you the instructor showed me the three point turn. That was not so bad. I just have to remember to look when I am reversing and checking my blind spots. Now what completely threw me off was when he showed me how to parallel park. Yes parallel parking. I heard many things about parallel parking and there was nothing good about it. No one likes it. That is why they created a car to physically do it for you. It would have been fine except for the raised voice about turning the wheel really fast. It was a lot to remember in a short amount of time. I know that you have to line up the car bumper to bumper and then well turn wheel fast one way. I did it twice and the second time I almost got the car level straight with the side walk but turned the wheel too much and messed it up. Oh well it was my second time right. I have lots of time to practice.

Then we went on the road, stopped at red lights and did more turns. I don't think my instructor liked me saying sorry every time I went a little too far into the other lane when I turn or forgot to keep my foot on the gas when turning or not speed up enough. I understand that it can cause accidents and danger people's lives but I honestly don't do these things on purpose. I am still learning after all. I asked if "I could drive straight forever". I did not actually mean it but the instructor let me drive straight for a while. The instructor did mention that if we were to continue straight for a long time we would end up in lake Ontario.

My lesson with my mom was great. The school parking lot was a little boring now that I have been on the road twice. I was afraid to go on the road with my mom for one reason and one reason only, she didn't have a break on the passenger side like my instructor did so if something were to happen WE ARE GOING DOWN! But after a couple of going in circles in the parking lot, attempting to practice a parallel park with no other car to help me and practising my turning, (my mom found it amusing that I kept putting the turn signal on whenever I turned in the parking lot lol ) I decided to bit the bullet and go out on the road... these are like expensive looking homes to me... any home is but you get my point. I did not want to be on the news showing this car in someone's living room. But my mom assured me that it would be fine and it was, I practice turning some more and passed this amazing house that I fell in love with twice. It was a good night.

What I learned: You can't drive straight forever or you will never get home 
and I still need to work on my turns. 

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