Upcycled Shoe Box & Closet Background

upcycled shoe box & closet background

The past week I have been painting tangerines crates. I couldn’t let it go to waste so I decided to upcycle them into shoe boxes for the entry closet of my apartment. If you have kids, siblings, a huge family then you know that one of the most craziest closet would have to be the closet by the front door. No matter what, it some how gets messy all over again. I swear that I organized it and I don’t know what happened but a hurricane comes in and wipes the organization away. It is stressful and also very embarrassing since that is one of the first places you see when you first walk in. When I saw these crates the first things I thought was… I can use this. Of course as I am doing this other ideas pop to mind so this simply project became a whole entire entry closet make over.

I saw the orange crates and wanted to paint it them. I wasn’t feeling the look of light wood and silver nails. I had to paint it white. Lately that is what I want to paint everything but I am going through this faze where I want to paint certain things white and the create is my first victim project.

This is the crate. 
 I got out my newspaper and placed the crate on. I bought a white paint from Dollarama.

This is the first coat of paint.
 Fourth coat of paint.
upcycled crate
Originally I was going to command strip the back of the boxes but it wasn’t sticking on the wall and I did not want to nail anything into the wall since it was my go to idea. I had to think of a way of getting what I want without damaging the walls. SO I came with a closet background. It gives me both what I need and style at the same time. 

I used the overly large box I got that contained just toilet paper in it. (not very eco friendly)
I cut the flap section of the boxes
 (I will use it for dresser dividers later)
I added extra piece of cardboard 
by using the duct tape. You know I love duct tape. 
I used self adhesive design paper. Unfortunately it did not stick to the cardboard so I had to use tape.

After I measured the points where the boxes are going. I poked holes through.
I used clear tape, fold it over, fold it again then slide it into the hole I poked. And tired the back.
I did end up using the command strips. I have this strange feeling that my siblings may just throw their shoes into the box so the command strips will keep it in place in case they do that.
 (It will happen at some point… maybe even today.)

This is what it looks like now.
organized entry closet ideas

To see the rest of my closet makeover, come back and see.

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  1. That's clever! Never would have thought of that 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mila for stopping by and commenting. Glad that you enjoyed my post!

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