Diaper Genie Carbon Filters

Diaper Genie Carbon Filters

Diaper Genie now has Carbon Filters. I know why. I talked about the Diaper Genie Diaper Pail before and I still use it now as my son is not . My problem with it was the smell. The smell for some reason who come exploding out as soon as you tired to put another diaper in and then when you closed it… the smell would linger in the room for a little while. I guess I wasn’t the only one who found that same problem so Diaper Genie made a solution and I thought it was time for me to try it out. You don’t only have to use it for a diaper pail but they also mentioned that it is safe and natural. It can also be used anywhere you need to eliminate odours. If you want to know more about my diaper pail you can check out that post here.

I bought the Diaper Genie Carbon Filters at Walmart for $5.95

Here is the instructions. 

This is what is what the filter looks like.

It is very simple to put together.
(Place the filter bag into the case
Peel the back.

Stick it on the cover of the diaper pail.

It says to change the filters every 90 days. 
I will give you an update after the 90 days and let you know how it worked and if it worked. So far I don’t smell anything coming out of my diaper pail so it is a good start. Hopefully it lasts. I will let you know.

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